GCC with timestamp system (gcc-pg2)

Last updated: 2003-08-20


Timestamp system is a basis to automate some typical debugging procedures. Since many hits of a breakpoint on the same lines can be distinguished, when debugging a program with a debugger, we can use the following applications:

Supported Platforms

gcc-pg2 is expected to work on all platforms supported by the original gcc. But we confirms if it works on the following platforms:

If you want to port it to other platforms, you can refer gcc.txt.

How to use gcc-pg2

  1. Download gcc-pg2 (around 14MB) via HTTP.
  2. To make and install it, run a script, Build.sh, like sh Build.sh.
  3. To compile a target program, run gcc-pg2:
    mygcc/bin/gcc -g -pg2 foobar.c
  4. To debug it, run gdb-wrapper which wraps gdb and executes operations described above:
    ./gdb-wrapper.pl a.out